A new trend sport conquers the fitness industry: EMS training is getting more and more popular, and EMS studios are springing up like mushrooms. Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative form of exercise!


EMS (= electrical muscle stimulation or electromyostimulation) is a new trend sport that originally comes from physiotherapy. This high-intense whole-body workout uses low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate those muscles that are often ignored by conventional training methods. During an EMS training session, which only lasts about 20 minutes, all big groups of muscles are stimulated, also the underlying muscles. Despite its short duration, EMS is as effective as several hours of traditional strength training. EMS Training is also known in competitive sports, rehabilitation and medicine as well as in wellness and beauty centers. Elite athletes use Electric Muscle Stimulation in addition to their training in order to improve strength and speed.


The workout routine consists of both dynamic and static exercises that can be varied in all kinds of ways. The electrical impulse is transferred to the body via electrodes. Both the duration and the intensity of the impulses are controlled through an EMS device that allows each group of muscles to be stimulated individually, at different or equal intensity.

A common misconception is that the electrical impulses are harmful to your body. The opposite is true, actually. The low frequency isn’t dangerous for humans, so you don’t have to worry about being harmed by the electrical impulses.

Electrical muscle stimulation is a very efficient, intense, and time-saving kind of training.


There are many micro studios that are specialized in EMS training. Usually, they are part of a franchise system, for example, Sweat22Studios, Bodystreet, fitbox, etc. Those small studios are around 80 to 300 square meters in size, and there is always a personal trainer who looks after you during your stay.

But it’s also possible to try out EMS training in other facilities. Some gyms offer the innovative training as well as wellness centers, cosmetic studios, and hotels. Furthermore, EMS is a good option for self-employed personal trainers because the EMS devices are very easy to transport, and a training session can be done almost everywhere. Also, there is a More than a fitness machine, the EMS system offers a better business opportunity for fitness instructors and trainers looking to strike out on their own. The EMS technology amplifies effort and condenses required training time to provide a complete, balanced workout in an efficient and easy to manage way. One machine allows the trainer to offer a complete, full body workout, which means low start up costs and overhead. A standard studio setting with two machines requires as little as 80 to 800 square meters.



The efficiency of EMS training has been scientifically proven. EMS is a whole-body workout strengthening all groups of muscles. Through this effective muscle building our body burns more calories, what helps us to lose weight and decrease body fat. EMS also fights cellulite and tightens our skin. It is also an effective way for both prevention and rehabilitation common back problems  such as disc herniation and muscle tensions.