EMS Training is an effective and efficient way to improve your fitness level, both aerobically and anaerobically, body composition, and overall well-being in far less time than traditional workouts. Only 1 to 2 sessions a week are enough to see results. Furthermore, EMS can be beneficial for a wide demographic, as it is a low impact activity therefore placing less stress on the joints, and allows customization to target specific muscle groups. It is important to note EMS can also be used for rehabilitation after injury.
• Recovery – increase blood flow and remove lactic acid
• Training – power, endurance, strength, hypertrophy
• Rehabilitation – promote recovery with customizable intensity
• Prevention – warm-up before exercise ?

Appearance – muscle toning and improved body composition


You should workout in long term and on a regularly basis as this is the only way the strength of the muscles can be maintained as it is with conventional strength training too.

Also, EMS technology is based on low frequency impulses that do not harm the body. The equipment stimulates electrical impulses and sends them to the muscles in the same way as the central nervous system. There are no known side effects of EMS training.