Are you looking for a way to exercise during Covid and with all the gym closures? Or are you not sure about returning to a larger facility with higher occupancy?  Do you want to reduce the risk of virus transmission, while keeping physically active?

At Sweat22 Fitness Studio, we can ensure your safety with EMS training as we are taking all the necessary measures by disinfecting and sanitizing our Fitness Studio.

While conventional gyms had to shut their doors due to the Covid-19 Virus, Sweat22 was not impacted.

In Germany, for example, where EMS training is very popular, it was even allowed with a court ordered approval during the lockdown. Here in Canada, Sweat22 Fitness Studio will remain open.

Here are 7 reasons why EMS personal training is the safe, smart and secure decision to make.

  1. At Sweat22 Fitness Studio, EMS training session involves a maximum of three people (including 2 people from the same household and the Trainer)

This drastically reduces the possibility for a virus transmission to a calculable minimum. At Sweat22 it is easy to keep the necessary 2-meter distance to each other.

  1. At Sweat22 Fitness Studio, EMS training session is always scheduled in advance.

There are no waiting areas or long queues. This further reduces the chance of infection. We also schedule enough time to properly sanitize the entire studio and equipment in between scheduled sessions.

3.An EMS training sessions keeps your cardiovascular load to a minimum.

No heavy breathing means less aerosol exposure and droplets and it is easier to wear your mask for this workout.

  1. At Sweat22 Fitness Studio, an EMS training session is always carried out according to the highest safety and hygiene standards while abiding by WorkSafeBC Health regulations and guidelines.

All of the clothing and gear including the Miha-Body vests are certified as antimicrobial. Every piece of equipment is thoroughly disinfected in between sessions.

  1. EMS training strengthens your muscles and your immune system!

As a result, you will actively reduce the risk of illness naturally – regardless of age and fitness level.

  1. Unlike impersonal online fitness classes, at Sweat22 Fitness Studio an EMS session is always supervised by a qualified and certified EMS personal trainer.

Each one of our trainers at Sweat22 in Yaletown is always at your side to help with every move of every exercise and to make sure you keep proper form and your motivation high. Your workout will be fun, effective and engaging.

  1. An EMS sessions only takes 22 minutes to be fully effective.

You will make up for any missed exercise during the Pandemic in no time!

Unfortunately it looks like the virus is not going to disappear any time soon and that we need to adapt to the new ‘normal’ lifestyle while living with Covid-19.  As we move into the so called “new normal”, it is imperative to take every necessary precaution to contain the spread of Covid-19. Arguably one of the best things we can all do, is to improve our immune systems by strengthening our bodies. This often gets overlooked in the current public discussions. At Sweat22 Fitness Studio, EMS Personal Training provides an easy way to do exactly that. It allows people of all age groups and fitness levels to develop and/or maintain a regular exercise routine that is safe and effective.