EMS is the right and optimal training for wide range of target groups! But for which groups of people exactly is electrical muscle stimulation suitable?

→ Managers

Managers are always in a hurry and often rush from appointment to appointment. Therefore they are exactly the right target group for an EMS training because with 20 minutes per week electrical muscle stimulation is extremely time-saving and nevertheless effective. So it’s no problem to get to the training quickly during the lunch break or between two meetings – perfect for all stressed managers!


→ People with little time

EMS is of course not only suitable for managers in a hurry, but generally for all people with little time. The 20 minutes for a workout can be built into most calendars, so the excuse of not having time for sports is now a thing of the past!

→ Athletes

High performance athletes can supplement their normal training with electrical muscle stimulation and thus increase their strength and speed. The effects of sports-specific training have already been proven in studies. Significant increases have been achieved in the areas of strength, muscle building, maximum strength and speed. With EMS training it is possible to carry out many sports-specific movements, which is very useful for the competitive athlete for his actual sport.

→ Persons who do not feel comfortable training in a studio

Big, anonymous gyms aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people don’t feel adequately looked after or don’t know exactly what and how to train. EMS is optimal for these people because it is a personal training in which they are completely supervised and guided by a trainer.

→ Old people

Since seniors no longer exercise regularly, their muscle mass decreases. This can be prevented with EMS because such age-typical phenomena can be counteracted with strength training. So they remain more efficient and fitter in old age. This is also proven by the new study of the University of Erlangen, which found out that the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength can be counteracted extremely efficiently with the help of EMS.

→ Runners and endurance athletes

If you like running or other endurance sports, you can train with electrical impulses in addition to improve your endurance performance – for example with “Cardio EMS”. Studies have demonstrated the effects of EMS on endurance: 71 percent of participants experienced improved endurance performance, and 84 percent of participants reported an increase in generally perceived performance.

Source: EMS-Training.us