You have heard a lot about EMS training and want to try it out now? Perhaps you have already arranged a Trial Session? Then look at these tips that optimally prepare you for your first EMS training session!

It is so important to have your trial session

Everyone knows this scenario: rushing from one appointment to the next often makes you forget to take enough time for yourself. But that’s harmful to your body because stress hormones impede fat burning.

So here’s some good advice: you should definitively take enough time for your trial session, so that you don’t have to train in a hurry, but can do your workout without looking on your watch the whole time. An EMS trial session lasts about 60 to 90 minutes including the counselling interview, putting on and taking off the EMS suit, the twenty-minute EMS training session, and a finishing interview afterwards. Try to find enough time for this, you won’t regret it!

Train with the right Personal Trainer 

It is very important that you feel comfortable in the studio which also includes getting on well with your trainer. Consider if you want a female or a male trainer because some people get better along with persons of the same sex, others don’t. If that is important to you, just ask when arranging your appointment. The trainers will surely react to your wishes because they want to make their clients happy.

You can also choose your trainer according to your training goal because the personal experience of a trainer can play an important role. For example, if you do EMS training to form back your body after giving birth, a female trainer who is a mother herself can give you better advice than a male. And everyone who wants to build muscles should perhaps train with a well-toned trainer being kind of a motivation.

Drink Water !

The right carbs, proteins, water, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals are essential for your body when training with electrical muscle stimulation. You should eat something before your training because a hypoglycaemia is possible otherwise. A new and unknown stimulus takes hold of you during EMS training, so your body should have enough energy.

It is recommended to drink half a litre of water within an hour before the training. Your training is in the afternoon or evening? Then drink enough water the whole day! Water is stored in your muscles which helps conducting the electrical impulses. So the training is more effective when your body is supplied with enough water. Drinking water before the training also prevents headache and lack of concentration.

You shouldn’t eat heavy and high-fat food one hour before your training. If you want to lose weight with EMS, you shouldn’t consume carbs about two hours before your training session because they harm fat reduction. It would be best to eat something light giving you energy (a banana or the like).

It is important that you also drink a lot of water after your training session to backfill your lost water. If you want to build up muscles with EMS, it makes sense to consume proteins within the first ten minutes after the training.

You need enough Recovery time!

EMS is a highly intensive whole-body workout – so your body needs enough time to regenerate after a training session. Do you do any other sports? Then there should be at least 48 hours in between this sports and an EMS training. After your first EMS training session your body needs even more time to recover than after traditional types of sports. So it is appropriate to rest four days afterwards.

The recovery can be supported by some passive and active measures:

Passive recovery measures

  • massage

  • sauna

  • healthy eating

  • enough sleep

Active recovery measures

  • low impact activities

  • walking

  • easy running

  • stretching

  • yoga

  • fascial training

  • cycling


What do you need for Training?

During your EMS training you wear a special EMS suit fitting closely to your body and being made of natural fiber. It is designed to transfer the electrical impulses to the skin. Clothes that have a high ratio of synthetic fibers are not suitable for EMS training. That also includes underwear like pants and bras which have to be taken off during training. The best is to bring comfortable and clean sports shoes. Or it is also possible to train barefoot.