In this article, we introduce to you Sweat22 fitness club in Vancouver. This is not your typically gym that requires you to work out for hours with no coach – this is the trendiest new way to work out effectively in less time.

At Sweat22, all you need is 22 minutes to workout and get the same results as if you spent hours at a conventional gym.  It is perfect for those who have busy schedules and always use not having any time to avoid working out.  Sweat22 offers a three-day-a-week fitness program.  Clients can work with a fitness coach to set and meet goals for weight loss, muscle gain, muscle repair, healthy eating and more.  Long term exercise can protect against the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, depression and cancer and it plays a significant role in achieving a high quality life.

EMS is a great addition to other workouts.  Whether you are an athlete or do workouts from home. by using online programs and some sports equipment such as steps, resistance bands and dumbbells. Sweat22 fitness coaches can help if you motivation and more discipline if you need. Let our personal trainers at Sweat22 empower you to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Based on the client’s physical condition, fitness level and other factors, the personal trainer will customize a regular sport activity routine to help increase physical and mental energy, manage weight, prevent health risk and improve self-esteem. In addition to the advantages of personal physical program, the collective spirit in out studio can create a more powerful atmosphere for working out.

Another top feature of a professional fitness gym is providing all the essential fitness equipment; this can include weights and dumbbell sets, treadmill, stationary bicycle, training bench and so on, to enable clients at different fitness levels, to reach their fitness goals. In order to avoid any injury, the use of gym equipment for beginners must be under the personal trainer’s supervision.

Importance of fitness programs for maintaining health

Regular weekly exercise is the main key to staying healthy and avoiding various cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other disorders. Studies have shown that adults need at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercises or walking during a week, or 75 minutes of running (or a combination of both).

Also, strength exercises in which all the muscles are involved, are recommended at least two days a week and EMS is perfect for this. EMS exercises involve major muscle groups such as legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms, may include weight-bearing exercises and the use of stretching bands, or endurance exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and crunches. Dividing exercise into smaller portions is the key to EMS where you need just 22 minutes for a workout.

Trial sessions to sample an EMS session are available.

A new generation of fitness gym

Sweat22 is home to EMS – the trendiest new fitness gym today.  Our fitness studio is paving the way for achieving fitness and stronger muscles in the shortest possible time by using complementary methods. For example, as an athlete, in addition to aerobic and strength exercises, will be able to benefit from new sports methods such as EMS. The EMS method is a significantly effective training in which all the muscles are strengthened by using electrical impulses. The importance of coaching in new generation methods like EMS is highly necessary; excessive use of the training technologies may cause injuries and muscle damage. Therefore, as a beginner, you need to have a basic knowledge of EMS tools and how to use it. what is EMS Training ?

The differences between EMS Studios and Fitness Gyms

To get acquainted with the differences between EMS studios and regular fitness gyms, we need to first give an overview of its specific features and then place it next to the typical fitness gyms to understand the differences. EMS, which stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is one of the newest sports training methods in the world, which is based on electrical stimulation of muscles. EMS is a device that generates electrical impulses and delivers it through electrodes and is designed in the form of vests, belts, arm straps and leg straps.

As soon as the device connects to the muscles, it generates electrical impulses via electrodes and increases the number of contractions of the desired muscles; by sending electric pulses, the contraction of the muscles increases simultaneously and it leads to stronger muscles. In recent years EMS has received a significant amount of attention in the sport world; not only it is a good way to contract all the muscles, but also it can be used as a therapeutic/rehabilitation tool to prevent muscle atrophy and musculoskeletal injuries. EMS traning is also used for weight loss according to its calorie burning during the contractions.

One of the most important differences between EMS and regular fitness clubs is the amount of time that EMS training needs; because of its positive results in the shortest time, this method can be considered as the most suitable exercise for people with a busy lifestyle.

EMS advantages and benefits over other training methods

EMS is very useful for strengthening muscles that have been weakened due to inactivity and helps to improve muscle tissue by sending electrical impulses. Other benefits of this method include the ability to remove cellulite and eliminate excess body fat, which leads to fitness. But the important thing about EMS is that after only one session you should not expect too much from this exercise, and like other training programs, it requires consistency and the passage of time.

The best way to do EMS is as a supplementary sport along with other training. Therefore, in addition to aerobic and strength exercises in a fitness gym, you can use EMS training to strengthen muscles, repair damaged tissues and tone your body. Keep in mind that aerobic and strength training takes a relatively long time to achieve fitness and weight loss, but with modern sports methods such as EMS, the time is reduced to a minimum and therefore many people all around the world have resorted to this new method of fitness training.

Best fitness gym in Vancouver, BC

As you know, one of the most important features that is expected from a good fitness studio is its up-to-date equipment. A good fitness center with its cutting-edge facilities, offers members the opportunity to do aerobics and endurance training along with high tech fitness methods. Sweat22 Fitness Studio is one of the best equipped fitness studios located in Vancouver, BC Canada that delivers results driven fitness performance. With the cooperation of professional and experienced trainers, Sweat22 Fitness gym provides EMS training in various packages and membership plans.

If you are in Vancouver and don’t have enough time to strengthen your muscles, you can achieve satisfactory results by enjoying the facilities of Sweat22 Fitness Studio in the shortest time and with the highest efficiency.

Keep in mind that each 22-minute of EMS workout session is equivalent to 3 sessions of bodybuilding workouts, which strengthens and increases muscle mass, eliminates cellulite, shapes the body, treats injuries and reduces muscle pain. The main goal of Sweat22 is to help improve community health along with the utilization of fitness methods in a joyful atmosphere.