EMS Training

Sweat22 , the best EMS gym in Vancouver

EMS training is the newest and most popular workout in Vancouver.
Sweat22 offers this trendy new workout which is conquering the fitness industry.
Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative form of exercise!
What is EMS Training?
EMS, electrical muscle stimulation or electromyostimulation, is a new fitness training trend that originates from physiotherapy.
This high-intense whole-body workout uses low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate those muscles that are often ignored by conventional training methods. During a 22 minute EMS training session, all big muscle groups are stimulated as well as the underlying muscles. Despite its short duration, EMS is equivalent of working out for several hours with traditional strength training.
The workout routine consists of both dynamic and static exercises that can be varied in all kinds of ways. The electrical impulse is transferred to the body via electrodes.
Both the duration and the intensity of the impulses are controlled through an EMS device that allows each group of muscles to be stimulated individually, at different or equal intensity.
The low frequency is safe for humans and makes for an efficient, intense and time saving training.
The advantage of EMS comparing to regular training
One of the most important features of EMS and its superiority over regular workouts and training is that it only takes about 22 minutes. Save hours at the gym doing conventional workouts.
In just 22 minutes, up to 600 calories will be burned. It also engages about 85% of the muscles in your body.
EMS is one of the best ways to lose weight, get fit and get the best results with no side effects. It is safe for all ages, fitness levels and even safe for those with injuries. EMS is widely used by physiotherapists.
EMS in Vancouver, BC
At Sweat22 Fitness Studio, we bring a combination of state-of-the-art EMS devices manufactured by

the German high tech company, mihabody Tec. Each trainer is in our facility is professionally training and certified to provide EMS for all types of clients.
The advantage of Sweat22
You get more one-on-one training and we follow all COVID 19 protocols
Another benefit with EMS training at Sweat22 especially for people who suffer from lower back pain, is the relief of muscle problems in the lumbar region. For more information , click Packages & prices

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