Who We Are?

Who we are?

Sweat 22 Fitness Studio is the premier EMS training center in Vancouver that brings cutting-edge Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to the vibrant Yaletown district. The Sweat 22 workout experience is a personalized, Bio-Hacking, full-body strength and fitness solution that allows our clients to experience the results and benefits of hours of conventional workouts, in just 22 minutes.

At Sweat22 Fitness Studio we strive to deliver satisfactory results for our members, and to make a positive impact in our community.


Benefits of Training with Sweat22 Fitness Studio

  1. Efficiency

With our fast-paced modern lifestyle, many of us find it hard to accommodate our fitness activities in our daily schedule. With 22 minutes of EMS training, an equivalent of 90 to 120 minutes training can be achieved.

  1. Rehabilitation (Therapy, treatment, and relief for back pain)

By strengthening the stabilizing and mobilizing muscle groups of the body’s core, EMS has proven to be a great benefit to any treatment plan for back injuries, herniated discs and sciatica.

  1. Low impact training on joints

Using only your body weight and no external loading, you are able to complete an effective workout by reducing stress and wear and tear on the joints of the body.

  1. Correction of muscular imbalances

Trains antagonistic muscle groups through functional and dynamic movements, while also utilizing the core.

  1. Strengthens core and abdominal muscles

Sweat 22 EMS training involuntarily activates your core, while also targeting your abdominal muscles both directly and indirectly.

  1. Increased overall strength and endurance

High-performance training offering an increase in speed, up to 10% increase in VO2 MAX strength and power due to anaerobic, fast-twitch muscle activation.

  1. Improvement in posture

Sweat 22 EMS training challenges the body to move as a unit, while improving coordination and promoting optimal movement patterns.

  1. Reduction in cellulite

Our cardio program uses a specific frequency that breaks down cellulite cells very effectively by severing collagen build up, often responsible for the lumpy like appearance.

  1. Increased muscle definition

Sweat 22 EMS strength training offers a hypertrophic contraction to each muscle group, which can create a leaner, stronger physique.

  1. Fully customizable to reach your fitness goals

Our Sweat 22 trainers make professional recommendations based on your unique body composition analysis results and fitness goals. Whether your plan is to use EMS as injury rehabilitation, or you are a professional athlete and want to complement your exercise routine with EMS, our trainers will be able to create a customizable plan in order for you to meet your goals.